Wednesday, 7 May 2014


Thanks Theresa for sharing these flowers.

Thanks Theresa for lovely card

Friday, 12 October 2012

Class Tuesday 16th and Wednesday 17th October

You will need A3 card.2x Green card, 1x red card. 2 x white card. parchment paper. 2x ribbon one 10mm plain the other 5mm pattern. christmas decorative paper with holly leaves, one small leaves for dress the other large leaves for background.Decorative paper in contrast colour for back panel. plain green paper for dress and holly leaves. shrink plastic for robin. thin mirror card for snowflakes. colouring pens. 3x small red rose  

Saturday, 11 June 2011


How to make roses

Punch out heart shapes
Glue down one side. Notice it is not all around the heart
Glue the petals together making sure the points are together and the heart only comes across a quarter of the heart . Glue 4 petals together then leave to dry. Glue 3 petals together,then 2 petals. look at the following pictures. 
Notice the positions of the petals. They are over only one half of one side of the heart. The points are all together.
using your character tool run it across the hearts. this breaks down the fibres in the paper and makes it easier to work with
Turn over and repeat the proccess about 6 times
Put your thumb nail in the centre and turn into a cone shape
I have used the glue to show you were to stick the hearts together. Notice how we are keeping to half of one side of the heart shape, very important you do not go to half of a whole heart.
Glue down so it is a cone shape. remember do not glue half way over the heart keep the pattern as before .   
make cones using the other petals.
Use tweezers to make the last cone it's easier.
use your deet for the half heart roll it across so it curls. If it's not curling you are doing it to hard.
roll the smallest with yor fingers for a tight petal.
you should have 5 cones
using your thumband deet turn back the petals from the top. Do this to all the cones